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International women's day 2019

Breakfast Fundraiser

On Friday 8th March 2019 The Forgotten Women hosted a breakfast in honour of International Women's Day and dedicated to strong women everywhere. The event featured inspiring speeches from head of The Forgotten Women campaign and Mangrove Housing CEO, Teresa Reed, along with journalist and PR consultant, Nadine McGrath. Guests were treated to generous discounts and merchandise in their gift bags graciously donated by our incredible sponsors.



International Womens Day Forgotten Woman
International Womens Day Forgotten Woman

Journalist & PR specialist Nadine McGrath (right) delivering a powerful keynote on women's rights, juggling career & societal pressure and valuing the female voice. 

Mangrove Housing CEO Teresa Reed (left) delivers her speech on the homelessness crisis affecting women over 55.

The event was a huge success for The Forgotten Women campaign. Over $1900 was raised on the day to support homeless women over 55. A huge thank you to all who attended and supported us in this first ever event for our campaign. 

To read Nadine's thought provoking and inspiring keynote in full click here.

Photography courtesy of Renée Lavin and Mischa Photography Studios. Photos not for re-use. Images copyright of The Forgotten Women, Renée Lavin & Michelle Aziz © 2019. 

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Thank you to our wonderful sponsors

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