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Almost 700 women in the Greater Brisbane area aged over 55 years are homeless......  



The Forgotten Women's project mission is to put a roof over the heads of as many of these vulnerable women as possible.  This project is a unique, grassroots housing initiative for homeless women over 55 that will allow women to age in place with dignity and security. 


The project is being delivered by Mangrove Housing, a Tier 2, not-for-profit, community housing provider who has been delivering housing solutions to vulnerable people since its establishment in 1993


through the simple acquisition of suitable properties, The Forgotten Women project will ensure these women have access to secure, safe and affordable housing options 




Why are they the Fastest Growing Homeless Population?


lack of financial resources:

  • equal pay wasn’t granted until 1969

  • superannuation wasn’t compulsory until 1992

  • between 1940 - 1960 women accounted for

       only 25% of the workforce

  • equal opportunity wasn’t enacted

       until the 1980’s

  • gaps in workforce participation to raise

       children (baby boomers)

  • separated and/or windowed


fear & stigma:

  • A large majority of these women have limited or no prior experience of having to seek assistance and therefore lack an of understanding of
    the service systems available to them

  • generational stigma associated with seeking welfare assistance

  • reluctance to identify as living in poverty or homeless



  • Australia is in the midst of an Affordable Housing crisis

  • as the cost of housing rises so too does the physical distance between where they live now and where there are affordable housing options

  • removing women from the areas in which they have established social and support networks only seeks to isolate them further

  • inability to age in place 

  • at risk of premature entry into the aged care system 


34101564_ml (1)_edited_edited.jpg

1 in 7 people experiencing homelessness in Australia are over 55

64141951_ml - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

over 39 000 women over the age of 55 are at risk of becoming homeless. This figure is predicted to double by 2036


women over 55 are likely to have 40% less superannuation than their male counterparts


64% of older people living on the street are at risk of death within five


no relocation away from support networks to affordable areas



prevention of early entry into the aged care system


affordable for life - income vs marketplace based

able to age peacefully in place



Land and/or Property acquisition

(in the areas these women have lived their lives)


We will buy, build, renovate and refurbish

our way to suitable housing 

(fit-for-purpose home that enables aging in place)



Affordable and long term

(rent will never exceed 30% of total income regardless of

marketplace rates)


The Forgotten Women project has a simple idea:


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