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The Forgotten Women Project

The project's mission is to put a roof over the heads of as many of these vulnerable women as possible. Through the acquisition of suitable properties, The Forgotten Women project will ensure these women have access to secure, safe and affordable housing options that enable them to age in place.

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the estimated number of women currently experiencing homelessness in QLD 



35% of women ages 60-65 have

NO superannuation

permanent housing solution 


the estimated number of women currently experiencing homelessness in QLD 


Where Does Your Money Go? 

To help house women like Elenora ... 

At age 71 Elenora lost her husband after 51 years of marriage.  At the time she was living in South Australia however three of her 3 daughters and grandchildren all lived in Queensland, so she decided to make the move to be closer to family at such a sad time.

Initially she tried to live with her daughter and family who could only spare a very small room however she struggled without any space at a time when they were all grieving. Elenora had to start looking for a rental property but there was nothing within her budget.  ‘I could have rented a few places, but I would not have been able to afford to eat”. 

Eventually she found a studio apartment which worked within her pension budget, but only just.  She thought she had finally found a home where she could re-establish herself post the loss of her husband however this did not last long. The landlord refused to do any maintenance to the point where one morning she woke to an inch of water across the floor of the entire apartment.  Maybe this is why the rent was affordable but who could live like this?  Understandably Elenora was beside herself, she could not afford anything suitable, and her housing application was at the bottom of the list.

And that is when Mangrove Housing working with The Forgotten Women were able to step in and find Elenora a one-bedroom apartment in Morningside.  The ground level apartment has space for Elenora to display her life’s treasures, an inviting courtyard, and room for new companion, her cat.

Elenora beamed with happiness when said she has been living there for 8 months now, finally safety and security. And there is every reason why this beautiful woman who raised 4 of her own children, took on foster children and ran a family daycare for 36 years, should have a place to call home.

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